Pizza Packaging Design Win or Fail?

The new Domino’s Pizza packaging design by CP+B is gorgeous with a restrained palette of silver on black and exuberant vintage-style typography. But does it really say “Domino’s” or even “pizza,” for that matter? It doesn’t feel particularly authentic to the brand, even the new “our pizza doesn’t suck anymore” brand. What do you think?


via Lovely Package

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5 thoughts on “Pizza Packaging Design Win or Fail?

  1. Crystal Reynolds

    I agree, the design doesn’t scream Dominos. My first glance I was pleased and impressed with the beauty of it – but wouldn’t have had a clue it was Dominos pizza. I think creating the classic feel and yet combining the brand to some degree to cash in on the recognition would have been possible. A beautiful design that is a ‘miss’ when it comes to brand recognition.

  2. Nancy

    Just cause it’s retro doesn’t mean it’s good. There’s too much copy people won’t read, so why busy it up. Looks like something came out of a can. 3 years – for pizza (or food) that’s nothing. We want it to be like Grandma’s. Crafted with “love”? Not why I go to Dominoes.

  3. Camelia

    It looks like intentional brand detachment… and this is step one from a plan we don’t know.
    Looks great so, it can’t be a missjudgement. I can just smell the long and hard-worked hours put into this.