Plate It Forward

Boom Boom! Revolution, creator of Boom Boom! Cards acts of kindness cards, is now extending their mission of inspiring “guerilla goodness” through what many of us have on our mind during the holiday season: baking sweet treats! (HOW featured Boom Boom! cards in our January 2012 issue, page 16.)








To Plate it Forward:

  • Make something delicious for someone you care about.
  • Place your treat on the plate.
  • “Plate it Forward”: Deliver the plate to your unsuspecting (and lucky!) recipient.
  • High five yourself (and anyone around you) for keeping this act of guerilla goodness in motion.
  • After your recipient eats the sweet treats, they can “Plate it Forward” by delivering treats to someone they care about!

The 10-inch melamine plate costs $16.99 and can be used in conjunction with card no. 13 of the Family Edition of Boom Boom! Cards. Boom Boom! Cards each contain a different prompt for giving back to others or doing good in the world. Simply execute the action listed on the card and pass the card along to the recipient so they can repeat the action. Choose from original, family, teen, green and everyday decks.



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