Playing with Food: Poster Design Inspiration

We have a love affair with poster designs.  And we’re always on the prowl for new and interesting posters. These two projects might give you a little poster design inspiration—and encourage you to tackle your own.

Scotty Reifsnyder Print

This print created by the talented Scotty Reifsnyder shows the inner workings of Lost Type and was also included in an issue of HOW magazine, the Type and Interactive issue. This new print measuring 18 inches by 24 inches and printed on French Paper, shows off this balanced, stylized illustration.


You can get one of your own from Lost Type.

Food, posters and typography

I know, it sounds deliciously awesome, right? Designer Mark Blackler created these three posters for a school project. He selected three films with food related titles: Pineapple Express, Layer Cake and Nacho Libre. He watched each movie looking for the parts to ” re-create my set for the background of the film posters. I then handmade my typography out of the food that was stated in the title. After I created it, I then photographed the final result and overlaid the movie credits and logos required.”  

For Blackler one of the biggest challenges was deciding how to photograph his work. He finally settled on photographing his work from above. And to best capture the feel of the film, he watched them “over and over around 10 times just jotting down key parts and little things I noticed about them.” And if you’re looking to create your own movie posters, Blackler advises to “pay attention to every little detail and not to accept anything less than what you want to achieve, even if it takes that extra bit of time or work.”