Pocketo Wallets Support Young Writers

People often ask at what point I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I tell them the third grade. This is not an exaggeration; I remember going out onto the playground with a green journal tucked under my arm. That same year, a writing project was published in the school newsletter (a personal essay on my favorite planet, Uranus. I was eight, don’t judge.), and I was hooked. One small event caused me to tumble head first into my passion at a young age. Thankfully, I had some awesome teachers who continued to develop and encourage my writing from elementary school through college.

Encouraging young writers and fostering the teachers to inspire them is just the thing non-profit 826LA seeks to accomplish through its “after-school tutoring, evening and weekend workshops, in-school tutoring, help for English language learners, and assistance with student publications.” You have the opportunity to support this great cause by purchasing a Pocketo wallet from the City series. The four location-based options include Cairo, Florence, Brooklyn and Los Angeles and are a jazzy addition to any pocket or purse. From March 11 to June 1, 10 percent of sales will be donated to 826LA. The wallet will only set you back $20, but trust me, an aspiring journalist will thank you.


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