Poketo At Target

While I thought the Poketo line at Target was a cool idea, it wasn’t until I was standing in front of the display that I realized there were several pieces I couldn’t resist. (And now I’m regretting I didn’t pick up the bag I liked, that’s probably sold out now.) What I did grab was a wallet and two umbrellas (because I’m always losing them).

Leah Chun is an illustrator and animator in Los Angeles who specializes in creating unique characters and environments. When she is away from the computer, she spends most of her time making silk screen posters and books. Leah also loves to collect toys, read comics, listen to music and take long bike rides.

Umbrella 1
DGPH is about experimentation and having fun. It is a design and visual arts studio founded by Martin Lowenstein, Deigo Vaisberg, and Andres Vaisberg, specializing in illustration and character design. The studio covers all the needs in the visual field: traditional illustration, digital and 3D design, motion graphics, art installations, toys, and apparel. DGPH has exhibited in galleries and conducted character design workshops in Paris, Tokyo, Taiwan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.

Umbrella 2
Dan Funderburgh is a wallpaper designer and artist based in Brooklyn. His patterns, prints, and installations vary in content, but all demonstrate an unabashed love for decorative arts, with influences ranging from Moorish mosaic to American op art. His work rejects the fabricated schism between art and

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