Poketo’s New Everyday Accessories

Poketo has successfully brought art and design into everyday products since 2003, including their stationery line featured at Target last year. Whether you regularly enjoy Poketo’s plethora of  “design-driven wares” or you’re just discovering them, you’ll  find that their new accessories don’t disappoint. These products may even encourage you to surround yourself with more things that inspire you.

Poketo's Minimalist Watch in black.

Poketo’s Minimalist Watch in black.

From the Minimalist Watch, which is available in 4 colors, to the glass Modern Water Bottle, I’ve got a little more spring in my step as I vow to be hydrated and on time.

The Modern Water Bottle is made of "thick, durable glass."

The Modern Water Bottle is made of “thick, durable glass.”

And their Handprinted Zipper Clutches, (yes, handprinted, so each one is unique) have me creating a list of hypothetical events where I would sport one.


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