Cheese, Caffeine and Cocktails: 3 New Poster Designs

As I mentioned on Monday, I have been on a mission to redecorate, which is one reason why I was excited about these new poster designs from Pop Chart Lab  that cover the three C’s – cheese, caffeine and cocktails. While you may not choose one to adorn your walls, the design on these posters, as well as the designer’s approach to presenting the information, may spark a few ideas for you.

Or they may make you crave an afternoon snack.

"The Charted Cheese Wheel"

“The Charted Cheese Wheel”


The “Charted Cheese Wheel” (see what they did there?) displays 66 different types of cheese from all around the world.  It includes popular cheese like cheddar and mozzarella and more elite cheeses such as “Stinking Bishop.”

The artists organized the type of cheese according to “the animal that produced the luscious milk, and then by the texture of the resultant cheese, forming a cornucopia of cheese that range from the mild to the stinky and from the rock hard to the silky smooth.” That’s a unique way to present the information.

"Exceptional Expressions of Espresso"

“Exceptional Expressions of Espresso”


For those of you with a refined caffeine addiction, there is the “Exceptional Expressions of Espresso” that visually depicts the ingredient rations of 23 espresso drinks. This design was a collaboration with Orbit Visual Graphic Design and based on their “Espresso Field Guide.”

And for you literary and film buffs, you’ll enjoy the  “The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature.” This poster shows the poisons of choice from 49 classic works of film and literature.

"The Cocktail Chart of Film Literature"

“The Cocktail Chart of Film Literature”

Each one of these posters is printed on archival paper with vegetable-based inks, and every poster is signed by artist and numbered (with a first printing of 500). They will arrive in these neat clear “test tubes,” that represent the amount of research and time that went into each poster design and keep your poster safe during its travel to your door.



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