Calling All Creatives: Portfolio Night 10

On May 23, hundreds of top creative directors will meet with thousands of aspiring young creatives in a fast-paced evening of advice, networking and recruitment called Portfolio Night 10. Getty Images is an event partner, and the company’s  head of content, Andrew Delane,y offers these five tips for aspiring photographers, most of which can be applied to any type of creative portfolio:

Top 5 Tips for Having a Successful Photographic Portfolio

  1. Narrow down your subject matter to a topic you are passionate about. Don’t be a ‘jack of all trades’ but be a master of one or a few. Be decisive, as this is the first step in defining your voice as a photographer as you work toward creating a signature style.
  2. Think of yourself as a ‘composer’ of images that have a clear theme or concept and that work together to produce distinctly different variations on a framework. It is all about creating a visually cohesive, fully investigated body of work.
  3. Always ensure your work is technically sound and that your technical choices deliberately reinforce the message or purpose behind your content. The time and energy that you invest in mastering specific photographic approaches will pay off over time.
  4. Presentation counts. Big time. A good edit can help your work shine brighter and look more professional amongst the competition, especially in a world where images are ubiquitous. Ask a trusted colleague, friend or editor with visual acumen to assist you in editing your work down to the best images.
  5. Be polite, punctual and, most important, receptive to constructive criticism. In the end, you are in the driver’s seat for your work, so think hard about the advice you are given. Ultimately, It’s all about making your work better and more effectively communicating to your given target audience.

Portfolio Night, presented by The Art Directors Club, is happening in nearly 20 cities across the globe. Find one near you.