Poster Design Helps Raise Autism Awareness

When Rare Brain Studios, a Los Angeles-based film and creative development company, tapped design firm Neltner Small Batch to assist with a project that would help raise Autism awareness and give one man, a beer enthusiast and brewery historian, the means to write the book on the country’s top breweries, they jumped at the chance.


The story begins with an autistic man with an encyclopedic memory named Lance Rice, who has nearly 40 years studying up on beer and brewery knowledge. Rice’s dream has always been to write a definitive book on this subject, and to help make this dream a reality, Rice’s nephew Aaron Rice, president of Rare Brain Studios, began a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a film of Lance during a cross-country tour of America’s breweries as he seeks to fulfill his dream. The project was initially called Beer. Autism. Hope./ Lance’s Brewery Tour, but is now called Lance’s Brewery Tour to reflect the journey, the film and the book.

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Through two different Kickstarter campaigns, the project has raised just under $42,000 out of an initial goal of $100,000. Neltner Small Batch created the poster design to be given away to donors who pledged $60 or more to the current campaign, which is running through June 15. The posters have already sold out, but you can find out more information on donating or the beer tour, film and book by visiting


Lance’s Brewery Tour is just one example of the way creatives can help change the world for the better. If you have a cause you are passionate about and want to learn how to make socially conscious design work your full-time job, start with The Design Activist’s Handbook at

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