Pratt Institute Fashion Students’ Take on Knitwear

I am by no means a fashionista. I’m currently wearing two sweaters that don’t exactly look decent together because, well, it’s cold here. My fashion faux pas doesn’t mean that the New York Fashion Week, which is well under way, has fallen off my radar. (Nor does it mean that if you do see me, I can promise to be sporting such a fantastically awful outfit as I am right now.)

For you fashion-focused folks, knitters and designers who just need a break, take a look at “The Organic Matter: Woven Artwear” exhibit. Featuring projects by Pratt Institute students, the work is currently on display in Macy’s Herald Square’s windows – yes, those very famous windows (how cool is that?).

PRATT MACYS PHOTO Peter Tannenbaum

Fashions by Leah Thomas, Kat Holland, Carolyn Voyta

For this exhibit, students were asked to “re-think the form, function, and design of knitwear as fine art.” The neutral yarn, donated by Lion Brand Yarn, complements the matte grey of Ralph Pucci’s classic MANNEQUIN collection.  Jennifer Minniti, chair of  Pratt Fashion Department explains:

The Pratt fashion students were challenged to consider the medium – 10 yards of yarn –  as well as scale, line, color, proportion, and texture in their knitwear designs. The designs chosen to be displayed in Ralph Pucci’s gallery, and eventually in the iconic Macy’s windows, best exemplified both creative achievement and originality.

PRATT MACYS PHOTO Peter Tannenbaum 2

Fashions by Kiet Tran and Kimi Lee, Moon Juan Chang, Sam Smith and Meghan O’Sullivan, Nicole Maleski, Amy Sullivan


Out of 90 projects, Pratt Trustee Ralph Pucci (known for his high-end mannequin, lighting, furniture, and sculpture company by the same name) along with Fashion Chair Jennifer Minniti and Assistant Professor Susan Cianciolo chose the best of the best for the exhibition.  They focused on projects that embraced a “forward-thinking approach to knitwear.”

PRATT MACYS PHOTO Peter Tannenbaum1

The work on display in Macy’s windows, NYC

“Organic Matter”  will run until February 13. I think these students would have a thing or two to say about my knitted sweater(s) over here.

Note: All photos by Peter Tannenbaum


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