Pratt Students Design For Umbra

Umbra recently announced the winners of the 7th Annual Umbra | Pratt Design Competition, with first prize going to Pratt industrial design student Jeff Rubio, whose blog I’ve been following for the past several months. His project, The Clutch Clip, is a stylish alternative to typical chip bag clips and can also be used to bind loose pieces of paper.

The students whose winning designs are determined by the Umbra design team to be eligible for production and meet Umbra’s criteria of quality and affordability, will be given the opportunity to work with Umbra’s team to create a prototype. If a design is manufactured, it will appear in Umbra’s catalog and earn royalties for the student designer and Pratt Institute. Talk Bulletin Board by Carolina Kim, the 1st Prize Winner in 2008, the CONCEAL Shelf and WISHBONE Soap Dish –both winners of the 1st Umbra | Pratt Design Competition –are all among Umbra’s top-selling products. In keeping with Umbra’s commitment to Pratt, all packaging, catalog and online images for products designed by winners of the Umbra | Pratt Design Competition will include the fact that a percentage of the profits of the design benefits Pratt Institute’s Industrial Design program.

“The annual competition sponsored by Umbra provides an invaluable educational experience for Pratt’s industrial design students to develop their skills as designers, to work with a distinguished client, and to see the possibility of their designs going into production,” said Concetta Stewart, dean of Pratt’s School of Art and Design. “We appreciate that Umbra has afforded our students this great opportunity for seven years. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future,” she added.

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  1. Victor

    This is brilliant! I really love this design, simple but so different and refreshing. I am getting like 2 boxes for me and then a whole bunch for family and friends. When does this go into production?! I want/NEED this!! Isn’t this the guy who runs He’s a god.
    Have I expressed how much I need this, umbra; get on it!!