Print Master Class: Redesigning a Legendary Brand with Arem Duplessis

Live DesignCast
Thursday, August 25th
4:00 PM ET

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Good magazine redesigns aren’t easy or fast. They require a great deal of planning, long hours, and lots of hard work by a dedicated team. But what happens when you finish one and 14 months later a new regime is hired and wants to rethink everything? And what if that magazine is one of the most decorated and well respected in the industry? In this DesignCast, Arem Duplessis gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how he and his team navigated the recent New York Times Magazine redesign when new editor Hugo Lindgren came aboard.

Duplessis will give viewers an in-depth look into the journey of a major magazine’s major redesign. He’ll share the evolution of the new design and how his team combed the magazine and newspaper archives for visual elements to incorporate. Plus he’ll present practical information into how and why one should approach a redesign and the lessons learned along the way.