Printing On The Cheap

Designer Jessica Jones of How About Orange just posted a great list of all the online printers she’s used for various projects.

People sometimes ask me for recommendations on where to get things
printed inexpensively. Here are online places I’ve used with (mostly)
acceptable results.
— I’ve printed magnets, postcards and business cards here. Quality
varies, but is usually acceptable, given how amazingly cheap they are.
Only once did I toss a print job in the garbage. Their business card
stock is uncoated.
— I’ve printed postcards, bookmarks, business cards, and letterhead
here. Their postcard and business card stock is very smooth and coated
on both sides. They offer a rounded corner option. Only once did I send
a job back for reprinting, and it came back corrected. — I’ve printed brochures here.
— I’ve printed notecards here. Eco-friendly printing on recycled paper;
you pay a little more if you care about the environment. — I’ve printed stickers here.
— I’ve used their Somerset Velvet Giclee fine art print service with
gorgeous results. Richly colored fine art prints on heavy
watercolor-like paper.

Posted by Megan

7 thoughts on “Printing On The Cheap

  1. Erica

    I’ve used before with nice results. Postcards especially. High(ish) PCW recycled content without getting flimsy. They also have a few different coating options. Dull is sexy.

    I’ve noticed a slight decline in quality on, and their actual ship dates vs. print dates change so often that it’s too much guess work.

    Overall, online printers are scary, but when necessity calls… you have to go there.

    Thanks for the new resources!

  2. Jessy

    We used to use, but their color quality changed so drastically from job to job we were tired of sending projects back. We use now and they are awesome! The quality, pricing, and variety of products are great and their customer service is really unmatched. They also have Grand4Mat which allows you to print signs, banners, and other large projects. We’ve also used UPrinting for cardstock posters, MaverickLabel for…well…labels, PrintPelican for table tents and GreenerPrinter for our more eco-conscious clients–our experience with all have been great.

    We work mainly with small businesses so online printers are an an excellent inexpensive, short-run solution for them.

    Thanks for the great resources! I’m excited to check out iPrintFromHome.


  3. Pete

    I would like to add a new online printer to your list. We are a sister company to, a third generation printer. We are based out of Central Minnesota, with a 5 day shipping guarantee and run all marketing products on Heidelberg presses. We developed the site over the last year because we have heard the the demands of people like you. We launched the site on March 5th and are adding new products weekly. Please come check it out. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

    Thanks for your time,

    Pete Rengel
    Rengel Printing Company

  4. Sara Campos

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  5. Brooke Parongao

    I would like to add another printer as well…… PrintHouse(45). We have excellent printing quality and very affordable prices.

    You can submit a quote request online and an estimate will be emailed to you within a few hours.

    Look for specials on our facebook fan page or twitter.

    We look forward to working with everyone!