Quiet Time

We’re on a skeleton crew for Wednesday before the big holiday weekend, so the ol’ blog will be quiet tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few bits of inspiration and eye candy we’ve recently added to HOWdesign.com to keep you occupied:

&#149 See a collection of design rockstars talking about their favorite-of-all-time projects in our regular feature, My Best Work: Gail Anderson on her high-school doodles, Michael Bierut on a poster handwritten by his daughter, Louise Fili on her love-letter to Italy. From the latest issue of HOW, the talented Michael Osborne shares his best design project:

&#149 Go Behind the Design to scope out a neat project by the VIA Group for their local Salvation Army — it’s all about a great concept and smart execution:

And, if you’re killin’ time, head over to the HOW Sweepstakes and register to win some cool stuff from our latest issue.

Posted by Bryn