Random Acts of Design

Boom Boom! Cards originally appeared in the January 2012 issue of HOW and were part of that issue’s Sweepstakes prize. Now, we’re offering the cards for sale in MyDesignShop. You can choose the Original Deck or the Green Deck.

The Boom Boom! Cards Original Deck is a great way to spread kindness and positivity throughout your home, workplace, and community. Each Boom Boom! card in the Original Deck contains an act of guerilla goodness that you can carry out in your every day life. Examples include buying a stranger a cup of coffee (Original Deck Card #1) and putting money in the parking meter for someone when it’s run out (Original Deck Card #18). Once you’ve completed an Original Deck card, you are an official member of the Boom Boom! Revolution! Engage with the Boom Boom! community by posting the story of your act of kindness on our website, complete with photos and videos to make your post come alive. In addition, each card’s unique ID enables you to follow it on the Boom Boom! map, so you can see how your act of kindness creates a positive ripple effect that spreads to others in your community and beyond!

Boom Boom Cards

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