Rdio’s New Music Weekly Celebrates Visual Artists and Music

If you’re looking for some new music and design inspiration, set aside 15 seconds on Tuesdays to watch the newest clip from the Rdio New Music Weekly. As part of their New Music Tuesday project, Rdio is releasing 15-second clips of motion graphics and animation that are inspired by newly released music. Rdio’s project has garnered quite a buzz. It’s drawing attention to new visual artists, musicians and the digital music service. And these animated clips will give interactive and graphic designers a creative jolt.

rdioThe New Music Weekly series launched on July 23 and will release a new clip for the next 52 weeks. Each animation is inspired by and paired with a “buzz-worthy” song from a recent album release. These videos are a fun, quick way to take a break and get inspired.

Check out the video from this Tuesday, featuring the work of “Wizz” to the song “Hobo Pocket” by Pond:

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The animation clip below was created by the New-York based production company Blacklist and video artist Holbrooks. Blacklist includes international filmmakers and animators, including work in 2D and 3D animation, live action, mixed media and stop motion. Many of the visual artists in this project have a similar breadth of work. The music is from Gogol Bordello’s “Lost Innocent World.”

Blacklist’s executive producer Andrew Linsky explains their excitement to be a part of Rdio’s New Music Tuesday campaign:

We are honored to be a part of this truly innovative campaign. Rdio’s New Music Weekly series gives our directors and artists the freedom to express themselves without being burdened by strict marketing objectives, evoking the creative ethos at the heart of our company. What Rdio is doing in curating exciting new music is very much like what we do, tapping the talents of the most compelling visual artists working today. In short, there’s a curatorial synergy.

The first video in the series was created by Bernstein and Andriulli’s I Love Dust. The music is  Gauntlet Hair’s “Human Nature.”

All 52 of the clips in Rdio’s New Music Weekly series will be posted to their YouTube channel. Many designers find motion graphics, animation and film to be a great source of ideas. And this series might help you discover some new music and find some mid-week design inspiration.

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