Ready or Not

Two things happen every spring that tell me the HOW Conference is right around the corner, ready or not: I start having weird dreams about the event, and we have a staff meeting where we choose which speakers we’ll be introducing during the event.

Both of those things happened last week. First, our team gathered to pick our sessions to introduce. Occasionally, there are several of us who want the same sessions — but we don’t resort to violence. Often.

Second, the dreams started. (Stop reading if this is TMI.) They fall into two camps: one, I can’t get to the conference because of some kind of impediment, like not being able to find my way through the hotel, or two, I have to introduce the keynote speaker, and I have no idea who the person is and I’m completely unprepared. (I think both are akin to those dreams you have about discovering you have a final exam for a class you’re signed up for but have never attended.)

Regardless, the HOW, Creative Freelancer and In-HOWse Conferences are coming right up. If you’re smart, you’ll register by midnight tomorrow (April 15), while you can still score a discount off your registration.