Red Leader Designs Brand Identity for Wood Street

In an effort to boost commerce on one of Walthamstow, London’s high streets, the Waltham Forest Council and the Mayor’s Outer London Fund commissioned digital design firm Red Leader to build a brand identity and website for Wood Street. A hub for local businesses and an indoor market, Wood Street has been hit especially hard during the economic downturn. After researching the businesses and their marketing methods, Red Leader came up with the We Are Wood Street branding. The campaign focuses on the tagline, “We Are Friendly, We Are Independent, We Are Local,” which refers to the area’s main strengths. It also balances the ideals of longtime shopkeepers with those of the young start-ups that share the area.

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Because approximately 50% of the businesses did not have email addresses and most could not afford a website, Red Leader set up a WordPress website with a shop directory. This allows the shop owners to simply manage and update their own pages with important store information and special offers. The design firm also commissioned photographer Katherine Green to take photos of the shops and owners to add a community feel to the website. Aside from the website, the We Are Wood Street branding will be carried across several mediums in the coming year. Here’s what Red Leader project manager Stephanie Fox had to say about the campaign:

Our aim was to create a sense of identity to help ignite and foster a sense of pride in the area and local community as well as a sense of ownership. Part of making a difference is about changing the perception of an area, instead of a perception of it being in decline, we’ve shown that it’s vibrant, essential, easy and accessible to local people encouraging a far more positive perception.


Golden Dragon

6 Golden Parade, Wood Street

© Katherine Green, 2013


God’s Own Junkyard

97 Vallentin Road

© Katherine Green, 2013


Pie & Mash Shop

55 Wood Street

© Katherine Green, 2013


Moonlight Café

143 Wood Street

© Katherine Green, 2013


Post Office

148-150 Wood Street

© Katherine Green, 2013


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