Redesigning Sexy

Joshua Gorchov of The Loud Cloud just posted a great interview with Maxim magazine’s art director Dirk Barnett that covers everything from finding inspiration in travel to being a new parent to how and why he’s changed the look of the saucy lad mag.

In the end, we won a silver medal from The Society of Publication Designers for the redesign. We beat out the New York Times, so that was really exciting for the team. It was the first time Maxim had ever won a design award so everyone was pretty psyched. We’re making an impact with the new visual language, but still struggling on the newsstand just like everybody else. At the end of the day, do those design awards really make a difference if we’re still struggling? Hell yes. They boost the morale of the team and help draw strong talent to contribute, to make it a better magazine. That’s when those awards really count, they keep us on the radar of great photographers and designers and illustrators who think, “Oh, Maxim is starting to do some cool stuff. I want to work for that magazine.” That just makes it a better quality product, and the publicists love it too.