Reinventing Wonder: Article Sneak Peek in HTML5

Eyes were first on The Wonderfactory this year for their iPad demos of magazines. Now, HTML5 opens up a new playground.

Understanding publishing trends, new media and the evolution of storytelling is essential to me, especially since I consider myself in the early stage of my career in journalism (OK, on the  edge of the early stage). That exploration took me to New York City this summer to meet the design agency behind the HTML5 demo of Sports Illustrated and the  iPad versions of many big-name publications, like SI, Time and People.

My goal was to become immersed in The Wonderfactory’s work, history and culture for the feature I was assigned (currently in HOW’s Design Business Annual). Shortly after the first interview, a theme started to emerge organically from my conversations with co-founders David Link and Joe McCambley: They are proactive, rather than reactive. These people aren’t afraid to put their ideas out there for the world to see. At the end of a day, they’d rather design to show what an experience could be, rather than wait for others to do it first.

With that said, I’d like to invite you to read a sneak peek of the feature that appears in the November issue of HOW, and take it for a spin in HTML5—compliments of The Wonderfactory.

View Reinventing Wonder in HTML5.