Removable Surface Skins Brighten Dull Furniture

Want to update a drab desk, dresser or bookcase? The new WRAPPED Surface Skins from Blik will certainly breath some life and color into those dull pieces of furniture. These vibrant, self-adhesives will protect and apply to almost any surface. And they can be removed, which is great if you’re like me and suffer from sudden indecision or hand jerks that make stickers go awry. For their first set of Surface Skins, Blik has teamed up with artists from WRAPPED to create 12 different designs based upon WRAPPED’s  designer gift wrap.

"Stratus" Surface Skin

“Stratus” Surface Skin shown on a desk

Their [WRAPPED] wrap uses high-res photography of animal hides, insects and modern art with such vibrancy and clarity that the surface skin looks real to the touch. WRAPPED Surface Skins come in four different rectangle shapes and are designed to be trimmed down to any surface or table size.  -According to Blik’s website.

"Clement" Surface Skin shown on a dresser

“Clement” Surface Skin shown on a dresser

The ability to remove and reapply Surface Skins is pretty handy. Blik even developed the name out of the way in which a snake is able to shed its skin, so, too, can users remove and reapply their Surface Skins. Each Surface Skin also comes with two inches of additional material on all sides, so it can be trimmed to fit the surface or slotted to wrap around the surface (like wrapping paper).

Blik plans to release more designs in the coming months. It may be time to find my measuring tape and give this desk a face lift.









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