5 Tips for Better Resume Design

When it comes to the résumé, all substance and no style can be an applicant’s downfall in the job search. Nearly nine in 10 (89%) advertising and marketing executives interviewed by The Creative Group said the overall look and feel of a creative professional’s résumé is important when evaluating potential hires. Only 7% of executives said a résumé’s appearance is not very important.

The Creative Group offers up five tips for developing a résumé that’s easy on the eyes:

1. Consider the user experience.

Most hiring managers spend seconds scanning résumés to spot the ones they want to read in detail. Use simple fonts, standard margins, section headings and bullet points to highlight key attributes and help employers navigate the information.

2. Don’t overdesign it.

While it’s OK to incorporate elements of your personal branding into your résumé (like a logo), refrain from excessive embellishments, such as too many fonts or colors, which can be distracting. Instead, use your portfolio to showcase your creativity and artistic style.

3. Paint a picture worth a thousand words.

A visual or infographic resume can help you stand out from the competition when done right and tailored to the job opening. Should you go this route, make sure your graphics don’t overshadow the actual information and offer a traditional version, too.

4. Take advantage of all your options.

Creative professionals today have access to many tools for building online profiles that showcase their strengths and career accomplishments and can easily be shared via e-mail, social media, RSS feeds and the like. These sites also offer more space to list relevant interests and link to a personal website, blog or online portfolio, giving employers a more complete picture of your individuality.

5. Prepare a plain version.

Although most e-mail systems can accommodate attachments (like DOCs and PDFs), not every hiring manager or organization is able or willing to accept them. Cover your bases by pasting a plain or ASCII text version of your résumé into the body of an electronic message or online job application.

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