Retro Chips

I saw this Doritos bag at the grocery store yesterday and was delighted by its retro styling. This morning, it popped up on the Dieline!

To honor the relaunch of the original Doritos Taco Flavor chips, Frito-Lay relaunched them in the original 1960’s packaging.

0 thoughts on “Retro Chips

  1. Doug Bartow

    Beautiful. Why did the have to ruin it with the “Limited edition!” snipe? Kind of the like the Pepsi throwback cans that say “Throwback” in a yellow field right in the center of the front of the can. We get it, it’s a throwback…

  2. Jack

    Awesome! I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout lately, and I’ve come to have a deeper appreciation for the design of the 50’s-60’s era. I may buy some of these, and keep the bag.