Royal Irish Academy Brings Ireland to Tablets

DP-image-300x208One of the best examples of what the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite can do is the recent release of The History of Ireland in 100 Objects, created by the Royal Irish Academy. Take a look at this video and prepare to be amazed by all the bells and whistles. Best of all – you can do this, too!

According to Adobe, “Seeking to make the app available to the widest spectrum of users possible, the Royal Irish Academy used the multi-platform functionality of Digital Publishing Suite to deliver the app on iPad, iPhone and on Android tablets, including the Amazon Kindle Fire.”An endorsement like that from an entire country is quite substantial. Take a look at what the Adobe Digital Design Suite can do and make sure you grab one of the ultimate collections at There were only 38 left this morning so, if you’re interested, think about grabbing this today.


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