Rules to Live & Work By

Designer Doug Bartow of id29 in upstate New York came to us many months ago with an idea: He’d written a collection of 29 rules for young designers and wondered if we’d be interested in publishing the piece in HOW. Interested? You bet. And then Doug had a brainstorm: what about turning the list into a poster that we could tip into the issue. Double you bet!

HOW’s January issue is making its way into subscribers’ hands (watch for it in your mailbox early next week), and it’ll be available in bookstores right before Christmas. Meantime, Doug sent a photo of the printer’s proof of the poster (generously provided by Fannon Fine Printing on Mohawk Loop recycled paper). The piece not only looks fantastic (see the poster for details on the typefaces used), but it’s full of great rules to live by for young designers—and for those of us who are a) not so young and b) not designers. Among Doug’s words of advice:


People you work with and for will make your blood boil from time to time. Whenever possible, be a pro and take the high road. Avoid burning bridges, as people change jobs more often than they did a generation ago. Your paths may cross again in a much different situation, and having a good working history together will make rehiring you easy. Apply this to your online persona as well. Anonymous jabs are petty—be better than that.

If you’re not a subscriber, be sure to visit your favorite local bookseller or to pick up the January issue, available soon!

0 thoughts on “Rules to Live & Work By

  1. mark wisz

    Love this, preach this stuff all the time to the youngins!!

    The only think I must noted that this poster is getting printed on a 100% recycled paper, Mohawk Loop. We are currently using this same paper for a book cover and it has been a nightmare to print on. May have been a bad batch, but it is so soft, being 100% recycled, that the bits of the paper have lifted off on press, leaving un-printed areas. We had to pre-coat the paper with a varnish before laying down ink.

    I look forward to seeing this in it’s final printed state. Good luck on press!

  2. Eduardo Lowe

    A co-worker walks by my desk and says… “Hey, you have to see this great design!” I hold the poster and said… “Who did this? Looks very fine to me!” So, congrats to for such great work of design, fantastic positive messages and branding. 😉

  3. Shara

    Opening my How Mag and discovering this nifty and inspiring piece was THE best part of my day. Thanks for giving a young designer/recent grad a much needed spark!

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