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Looking for some fresh design inspiration? Here are three of the best design projects featured in Damn Good: Top Designer’s Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects:

PUMA Clever Little Bag

Firm: fuseproject, San Francisco
Creative Team: Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, Seth Murray
Client: PUMA

“When PUMA called us to rethink the shoe box, it was a simple question: what can be done differently with the shoe box? My thoughts were immediately about re-inventing the way shoes are shipped and how they are experienced by the consumer. Both the logistics and material research was really challenging, but we eventually found a way to reduce the materials and energy used to make boxes by 65 percent. The PUMA Clever Little Bag delivers a better and long lasting experience, replaces the big plastic shopping bag at retail, and it is re-usable by the consumer past the purchase. Once can either use the bag for travel, or find multiple re-uses in the home for storage and transport.” —Yves Behar

Puma Clever Little Bag desgined by fuseprojectPuma Clever Little Bag desgined by fuseprojectPuma Clever Little Bag desgined by fuseproject

Palomino Restaurant Identity

Firm: Superbig, Seattle
Creative Team: Kevin Walsh, Rich Williams, Matt Fagerness, Devin Stewart
Client: Restaurant’s Unlimited

“Palomino has been a Seattle staple for 20 years. However, being a 20-year-old company, and still wanting to remain relevant to a young audience, they decided it was time for refresh and to expand past their current eight locations. We were given the opportunity to overhaul Palomino’s brand across all consumer touch-points, including logo, menus, interior, advertising, website and messaging.” —Devin Stewart

Palomino Restaurant Identity DesignPalomino Restaurant Identity DesignPalomino Restaurant Identity DesignPalomino Restaurant Identity Design

Obsession Book Cover

Firm: The University of Chicago Press, Chicago
Creative Team: Isaac Tobin, Lauren Nassef, Jill Shimabukuro
Client: The University of Chicago Press

“This wide ranging history traces how the concept of obsession has changed over time, and how obsession has been perceived in both positive (professional dedication, romantic devotion) and negative ways (OCD, nymphomania). Rather than depict any one of these myriad forms of obsession, I decided to let the cover itself be a product of an obsessive process. My first attempts at computer generated obsessive lettering were failures—the repetition had to be done by hand to be truly obsessive. Lauren Nassef (my wife, illustrator, and frequent collaborator) suggested a pin prick technique she had used years ago. I prepared a type treatment which Lauren then punched out of heavy card with a pin, hole-by-hold.” Isaac Tobin

Obsession book cover design

Obsession book cover design

Damn Good: Top Designer's Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects

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