Sexy Face

Hera Big is a super sexy new font from TypeTrust.

Hera Big is the impressive and ambitious first commercial release from newcomer Lucas Sharp. A lusciously detailed serif display design, Hera Big is available in a remarkable family of sixteen fonts in a range of eight weights with true, hand-drawn italics.

Hera Big’s most striking features include the elegant high contrast in the heavier styles, and the ornate ball and teardrop terminals that embellish the entire design. Though these attributes may inhibit use in text settings, the intricacies are playfully hypnotic at larger display sizes and imbue Hera Big with frilly charm.

Hera Big is ideally suited for short lines of text such as callouts or headings, and certainly fit for the limelight of any poster and oversized print project. Each Opentype font includes Old Style Figures, and a useful selection of Stylistic Alternates and Ligatures.

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