Short Film Will Make Your Skin Crawl

I love checking out new animation and motion graphics pieces. I was instantly intrigued by the trailer below for the short film “Skinmeal.” Drawing loose inspiration from David Lynch’s work, Aardman Animations created this “miniature predator story in the world of tattoos” that shows a girl sunbathing in electric light when her tattoos spring to life. Kicking the creepy factor up another notch, the directors explain that the short’s name is based upon the food chain – the bug tattoos make a meal out of skin.


Aardman directors Karni and Saul were commissioned to create “Skinmeal” for the Random Acts, a show on UK Channel 4. (You might remember my post Aardman’s  “The Lonely Dodo” short). Saul found inspiration in tribal art to design the girl’s bug tattoos, which were then animated by their CG team in Maya and composited in After Effects. Karni shot the live action on a Digital SLR camera at Aardman.

You can view the short in its entirety after tonight. But for now, check out the trailer:

Skinmeal Trailer from woolfy on Vimeo.

I’ve read some sci-fi in my day (understatement), and this short reminds me of  Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man” with a Lynchian edge. Who doesn’t need a little reminder of how creepy insects can be, just in time for summer?


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