Sneak Preview: 2010 HOW Conference Poster!

OK, OK … we swear this’ll be the last HOW Conference post of the day. But you HAVE to see this year’s poster! Denver design-and-screenprinting studio Idaho Stew created the 2010 HOW Conference poster, and boy, did they rock it. We love the oblique Denver references (flying squirrels), the offbeat humor and, well, the whole thing. Idaho Stew has our HUGE thanks for their late-night work on this project!

Since the 2007 conference in Atlanta, we’ve worked with a local studio that’s known for poster design—and the HOW posters have become a bit of a collector’s item. (See previous posters here.)

Stu and Nicky Alden of Idaho Stew are planning to produce a limited-edition run (with, they say, 12 different screen pulls) that they’ll offer for sale in Denver. You can bet I’ll be purchasing one to add to my collection.

In the meantime, you can get your own photographic version (below)—catch the forthcoming International Design Annual issue (on newsstands at the end of next month).

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0 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: 2010 HOW Conference Poster!

  1. Idaho Stew

    Well before too many people say "what the $*@#?" I figured we would give a wee bit of insight into the thinking 🙂

    My wife and I run a small shop in Denver and were honored to get chosen. So after quite a bit of brainstorming – we came up with the above. The robot overall represents the conference coming to town. Bigger than life – lots of technology – and electricity of excitement. The squirrels represent the force of designers attending and being influenced by all the great things they’ll hear and see. Leaving Denver they’ll be inspired to combat inefficient design. It’s hand illustrated, hand pulled (4 not 12 colors), and printed on recycled French paper – getting back to our original artist roots.

    We also wanted to keep the integrity of the "real" screenprinted poster and not just reproduce the exact same artwork for the magazine version. So in the spirit of collaboration we convinced one of our friends, Bryce Boyer (a great talented photographer), to shoot an image of the "real" poster outside a Denver building that has some typography left from years past. And we feel we ended up with something that goes past the typical poster.

    So one might argue it doesn’t represent Denver (although there is the obvious small skyline and mountains) or the conference, but we feel it represents design in coming up with something that touches on many aspects of what we love about what we do. From the paper choice, to the hand-done qualities, to the pushing it past the expected – even collaborating with other creatives.

    And if people don’t like it – well that’s ok. We don’t always love everything we see either. But sometimes it’s nice to hear a bit to at least understand where the designers were coming from.

    Cheers – and feel free to stop by and slap us in person at the conference.

    Stu and Nicky Alden

  2. Darcy

    Stu & Nicky-
    LOVE it…had to read more about the poster design and the concept development to understand it better, but even before then, I thought it was a fun and crazy illustration! Love it! "Put on your squirrel pants"- you crack me up! Thanks for making my day brighter! Can’t wait till I can get my hands on this one! I need to get back to see you guys again and actually take one of your screenprinting workshops! It’s on my ‘To-Do’ list!

  3. Brochure Printing

    While it is definitely out of the ordinary (how often do you see flying squirrels used in graphic design?) it certainly does make one pause and take a look. And that is one of the most important features of poster advertisements, getting people to take notice! By the way, I think flying squirrels are perfect for a conference named “How”.