Illustrated Badges to Get Your Ideas Running

The new “A Few of my Favourite Sneakers” (AFOMFS) badge series may make you gaze fondly at the foot-ware you’re currently sporting or rustle up some nostalgia. Either way, this series of 48 individual badges, each with an illustration of a sneaker, will make inspire you to draw your beloved shoe.

The "A Few of My Favourite Sneakers" badge series.

The “A Few of My Favourite Sneakers” badge series.

The AFOMFS series includes the artwork of 18 different artists and is available for purchase in sets of 3 or 4 or as an entire series at Stereohype. The pins are 1 inch in diameter and include the release date, name of the designer and details about the series on the back. And every order comes with a custom-designed shoelace that sports the Stereohype, Art & Sole and AFOMFS logos. This special shoelace caught my attention because it (pun alert) tied the entire project together.

AFOMFS began as a project on “Art & Sole,” which, as you guessed it, is dedicated to the culture surrounding sneakers and the art behind their creation. “Art and Sole” focuses on collaborations between art and sneakers, and they encouraged artists and illustrators to draw 10 variations of their favorite sneakers. With Stereohype, self-described as a “platform for designers and artists around the world” that offers limited edition and rare T-shirts and buttons, the first series of the AFOMFS badge series came to be.

The complete series pinned onto the custom shoelace.

The complete series pinned onto the custom shoelace.

If badges aren’t your thing, check out the limited edition giclée prints created from the AFOMFS artwork, available on the Art & Sole shop. As the AFOMFS project is ongoing, you might want to submit your own illustration.


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