Society of Design Debuts

It’s not often that we get wind of a new design organization that’s forming, but sure enough, this week marks the debut of the Society of Design. What’s the deal? We asked Corie Deshong from the Lancaster, PA design firm Go Welsh (whose founder, Craig Welsh, is behind SOD) for scoop:

The organization was created with the intention to find ways for designers to contribute to the greater community. SOD’s members agree to volunteer at least 10 hours of community service each year.

SOD will conduct two exhibits in its first year featuring original works from participating members. In each case, a second non-profit will benefit from SOD’s efforts. … If all goes as planned, SOD should be able to donate roughly $20,000 in its first year to approximately 15 other non-profit organizations. All through the generosity of its members and sponsors.

SOD has an ambitious agenda for its first year:

• The Thank You Project, featuring original card designs by Ken Barber, Tad Carpenter, Jessica Hische and Haley Johnson; half the proceeds go to charities of the designers’ choice and half to funding SOD initiatives.

• A commemorative poster commissioned from Hatch Show Print

• A series of lectures featuring Chip Kidd, Design Army and Modern Dog

• A visit to Fallingwater next spring

Learn more about Society of Design and its upcoming events. You can also follow SOD on Twitter.

Posted by Bryn