Solutions To Common WordPress Problems

With any widely used platform, there are going to be issues everyone struggles with. In this live design tutorial at 7 p.m. EDT (4 PDT) on Tuesday, June 26, WordPress expert Jesse Friedman tackles four of the biggest ones people face using WordPress.

We asked Jesse to share his advice on how to secure a WordPress against malicious attacks.

Why is this something people struggle with?

WordPress is so popular that it only makes sense that hackers learn about WordPress vulnerabilities to maximize their abilities. This doesn’t make WordPress more vulnerable than any other CMS, just more likely to get attacked.

What makes it so important?

Whether you host a small website or a blog that gets thousands of hits a day, a loss of control or content is severely detrimental. You can’t risk getting hijacked or losing your hard work. Most of the security steps are so easy that it just doesn’t make sense to ignore those steps.

What’s the one thing that people mess up when trying to secure their site?

PASSWORDS! In this day and age people still using their dog’s name as a password is unacceptable, but it’s still happening all the time. Also a lack of backing up data is plaguing users everywhere.

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Solutions to Common WordPress Problmes

3 thoughts on “Solutions To Common WordPress Problems

  1. Alan Sha

    I have learnt that while installing Plugins for WordPress, you have to be very careful, only select Plugins with good repo as many contains bugs and can easily crash your CMS installation.

  2. Hemang Rindani

    Nice article. I liked the point that says that WordPress is not vulnerable to hackers, but because of its popularity it is more likely to get attacked. WordPress provides some great safety features to provide a secured data flow. Implement appropriate security measures and keep the plugins updated with latest versions. Allow only the authenticate users to access the database and provide them the permissions according to their needs. Customize the plugins as per the requirements and avoid using third party plugins.