Speak Human

Designer and industry thinker Eric Karjalutoto of smashLAB recently finished his self-published book about the power of being a small business. He’s offering free access to chapters online (one and two are available now) so you can see if it’s something you want to add to your business library. If the first two chapters are any indication, this is a book worth spending some time with.


Bigger is better—well, that used to be the case. The game is
changing, with power shifting to small companies like yours. In this
section, we’ll reflect on how you can make these changes work for you
and consider what can be learned from tiny startups: like the 10 year
old sneaker shop that sold a billion dollars of product last year.
Along the way, you’ll learn how marketing is being shaken up, and why
this makes advertising way less important.

Posted by Megan