Speak Up Goes Silent

We were dismayed this morning to discover Armin Vit’s heartfelt adios to Speak Up, the well-written and lively blog that he and Bryony Gomez-Palacio founded in 2002. In this third-to-last post, Armin notes that the level of energy and time it took to maintain his own standards for the blog–not just from him and from Bryony, but also from the dedicated contributors–ultimately was unsustainable. From his post:

I really feel relieved that we are closing it. Its time has come. It
served its purpose and it made its mark. Not many blogs can claim that
and we are happy with what it’s done. Time to move on to other things.

Fortunately, the sister blogs Word It, Brand New and Quipsologies will continue. And due props to Armin and Bryony for their huge contribution to the larger dialog about design.

Posted by Bryn