Squawqing the Super Bowl

Squawq is a new Twitter analytics Web tool developed by Minneapolis-based ad agency Colle+McVoy. To show off their new creation, the firm tracked tweets abut Super Bowl ads to see which ones got the most buzz.

The Doritos “House Rules” commercial was the most talked about television advertisement on Twitter during the 2010 Super Bowl, according to Squawq, a Web tool created by ad agency Colle+McVoy that tracks and analyzes conversations on Twitter. The Doritos brand as a whole received more than 35,000 tweets during the game for its ads, but most of these (more than 21,000 tweets) were received immediately after the “House Rules” spot aired, indicating its popularity.
“We’re not sure if the House Rules spot will ultimately win the big prize money in the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl promotion, but they won on Twitter tonight,” said Mike Caguin, executive creative director of Colle+McVoy.

By monitoring and analyzing the volume of chatter on Twitter about advertisements, brands and Super Bowl topics, Squawq provided an immediate snapshot of people’s opinions on game day. It ranked the most talked about brands, advertisements and teams during and right after the game. Results can be found at http://squawq.com/superbowl/.

Posted by Megan