Stefan Mumaw on Reflex Blue Show

Geesh … how’d we miss this a couple of weeks ago? Anyhoo … Nate Voss and Donovan Beery, the guys behind the Reflex Blue Show podcast, recently interviewed one of our fave people, HOW Books author and conference rockstar Stefan Mumaw. It’s absolutely worth a listen. From their preview:

… we mainly wanted
to talk about the other hobbies Stefan has, which seems to be writing
design books. Starting with Simple Websites and Redesigning Websites,
Stefan then moved on to teaming up with Wendy Lee Oldfield and creating
two books that seem to be everywhere in the design circles now: Caffeine for the Creative Mind and the just released Caffeine for the Creative Team.
If you ever run out of creative, these books will give you the pick-up
you need to get going again, and this is what we mostly talk about.
When you create two books like these, it’s really all we want to cover.

Listen to the episode.

Posted by Bryn