Stock Your Shelves

‘Synergy’ is one of those words I hate: an overused business buzzword that’s so ubiquitous as to be meaningless.

Trouble is, the word pretty much describes what we try to do with HOW as a brand. Conference speakers write for the magazine or are sources for articles. Feature stories become conference sessions. Conference speakers go on to author HOW Books, and vice versa.

For us, it keeps work more interesting—we get a creative kick out of making connections between people and ideas across all of HOW’s activities. For you, it means that if you like hearing what Jim Krause has to say in Denver, you can take some of that experience home with you in the form of Jim’s book, Photo Idea Index.

In fact, several of this year’s HOW Conference speakers have authored books for us. Check the on-site conference bookstore for info and have your books autographed by these talented people:

Jim Krause—Index Books, Photo Idea Index Books
Andrew Gibbs—Box, Bottle, Bag
Josh Chen—Fingerprint
Jeff Fisher—Identity Crisis, Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success CD
Andy Epstein—The Corporate Creative
Debbie Millman—Look Both Ways
Armin Vit—The Word It Book (plus several other books from other publishers)
Sam Harrison—IdeaSpotting, IdeaSelling
Ilise Benun—The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing
Patrick McNeil—The Web Designer’s Idea Book

These speakers will be signing books they’ve published with other imprints:

David Berman—Do Good Design
Scott Belsky—Making Ideas Happen
Chris Converse—Bring Your Web Design to Life
Brian Dougherty—Green Graphic Design