Storytelling in Design: StoryMag by Tether

If you happened to see Print’s interview with Stanley Hainsworth in the October issue, you know that Hainsworth and his firm Tether are known for their prowess within the realm of storytelling in design. With branding projects ranging from Gatorade to Microsoft sub-brands, the company knows a little something about selling a genuine story. For designers looking to emulate this highly successful model, Tether has tossed you (and me) a bone.

Stanley Hainsworth

Enter StoryMag, an interactive e-zine that walks audiences through a project in three chapters. In its tagline, the magazine tells you everything you need to know about its intentions: “Crafting the new narrative that tethers us together.” With two issues completed, Tether takes you through the concept and execution of its Gatorade and Awake chocolate bar projects. For Gatorade, the title is “Design Tells An Intentional Story,” and function takes a backseat to form. For Awake, “Design Tells An Empathetic Story,” and the content of the story takes the center stage.

StoryMag issue 2

It is hard to do these incredibly engaging e-zines justice in a blog post, so you will just have to check them out for yourself. You may never look at storytelling (or brand development) the same.


If you still haven’t picked up Print’s Storytelling issue, you’re missing out. With features ranging from stories graphic designers tell over dinner to a look at propaganda (aka the art of lying), this issue has it all. Pick it up today.

Print magazine Storytelling issue October 2013