8 Critical Ingredients for a Successful Graphic Design Career

8 Critical Ingredients for a Successful Graphic Design CareerIn this live design tutorial, ID29 principal Doug Bartow will share 8 critical ingredients that every designer should factor in to their career and professional development. They’re all ingredients for a successful and fulfilling career. Who doesn’t want that?

We chatted more with Bartow about this upcoming Design Tutorial “8 Critical Ingredients for a Successful Graphic Design Career.

Your article “29 Things That All Young Designers Need to Know,” was a hit and so was the poster that started it all. Can you tell us where this excellent advice is gleaned from?
We regularly invite design students to tour our studio and we participate in local student portfolio reviews and exhibitions. Many of the questions and concerns young designers share today are the same ones we had as graduating students looking to make our mark in the professional world, with only a résumé and portfolio of student projects to get our collective feet in the door. Throughout the years, I’ve collected these questions and have tried answering many of them as an ongoing personal project. That poster is a visual articulation of those answers.

Your DesignCast “8 Critical Ingredients for a Successful Design Career” is just around the corner. Who is the ideal audience for this virtual presentation and why?
The original “29 Things” piece was written with students and young designers in mind, but it got a lot of positive feedback from seasoned professionals who told me it helped kick-start their creativity. I’ve hand picked eight tenants from the original 29 that I think apply to designers of all ages and levels of experience. I’ll talk about these ingredients in depth and some of the things designers can do in their everyday work to keep the creative justices flowing.

Can you give us a hint as to what some of those ingredients may be?
Without giving too much away, I can guarantee a cure for designer’s block as well as a sure-fire method to sneak away to Happy Hour without anyone in your agency noticing.

What do you hope that listeners really walk away with?
As an art director, I always hope my input helps people think a little bit differently. I hope this design cast can do the same.

When: 2-3 pm EST Sept. 20
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