Target + Hamilton Wood Type Museum = Cute T-Shirts

I was thrilled when I heard Target had partnered with the Hamilton Wood Type Museum for their Vintage Varsity fall collection. I picked up a cute t-shirt this week that features a woodcut of a horse, yellow flowers and large red numbers.

0 thoughts on “Target + Hamilton Wood Type Museum = Cute T-Shirts

  1. Janine C

    We just watched the TV documentary about Hamilton Museum at college as part of our graphic design course. This is a great idea… anything to keep the print available. When does it come to Australia?

  2. elizabeth

    im so glad that target has teamed up with hamilton!! im from two rivers, wi and im glad that it has made its way on the map!!! when people ask me where im from i say two rivers, wi and they reply where’s that??? haha, i picked up some cute clothes from their line for my daughter. i love the designs!!