That Ampersand

Province, a small Russian design firm, recently created the identity for Anna & Marina, a new Russian luxury clothing brand. I can’t get over that ampersand!

The approved concept of the logo and identity was built on the saying “like mother, like daughter”, or alternatively “where there’s an apple on the ground, there must be an apple tree around”. Many generations of women have been brought up on this concept. The apple symbolizes the touching mother and daughter relationship, continuity and adherence to tradition. It also creates a variety of associations such as beauty, temptation, seduction, etc. Anna& Marinas target audience is represented by women of different styles and ways of life, nature and origin like the different varieties of apples, yet related through the main female values: motherhood, recognition, passion, love, wealth. This concept was embodied not only in the icon design, but also in the elements of the branded pattern and heraldry.

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4 thoughts on “That Ampersand

  1. Seth BarkinSpider

    I don’t totally agree with the above comments. While I do agree with following it through—the ampersand/apple isn’t used within the text anywhere else, so it doesn’t need to be there. On all the other materials, the ampersand/apple logo is only used as the logo with the “A & M”, not when “Anna & Marina” is spelled out. I would bet that the applesand is used elsewhere in conjunction with that last tag. I think it all looks great. Nice work!

  2. Alana Jelinek

    I’m feeling a bit of a disconnect between the starkly simple A&M, Anna & Marina and the heraldic embellishments of the decorative version. Not sure I get it. The decorative version is beautiful, designed for a czarina but seems to conflict with the simple Soviet design of the other version.