The 2011 HOW Design Live Poster

Ever since the gang from Methane Studios rocked out a great poster design for the 2007 HOW Design Conference in Atlanta, we’ve worked with a design/screenprinting shop in the conference host city to produce a commemorative poster. For ’08 in Boston, we hit up Stoltze Design; Erick Montes in Austin, TX, did 2009; last year, we worked with Idaho Stew in Denver.

This year, our Chicago collaborators are Delicious Design League—apropos of Chi-town’s carnivorous history, designers Jason Teegarden-Downs and Billy Baumann went with a sausage theme. All the better to capture the event’s, um, meaty content.

A limited, screenprinted edition of the poster will be available during HOW Design Live, June 22–27 in Chicago. And an offset-printed version, complete with tons of details about the four events making up HOW Design Live, is available for free in the new March issue of HOW.

Here’s a bit of scoop on the Delicious Design League guys, from their website:

Delicious Design League was started in 2006 by two friends; Jason Teegarden-Downs and Billy Baumann; in Chicago Illinois.

With over ten years of experience in the design and ad biz we started Delicious simply as a rock poster design/screenprinting hobby but by 2008 it had quickly grown into a full-time design and illustration studio. Over that span we had gone from designing rock posters for bands you’ve never heard of for lunch money to designing and illustrating for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.