The Business Training You Never Got in Design School

There’s an adage that our friend and partner David C. Baker likes to say: If you spend all your time working in your business, you’re not making time to work on your business.  Say what?

Think about it: If you run a creative agency of any size, you’re probably so far into the weeds—making financial decisions, pacifying an angry client, managing your staff, maybe even doing a bit of design—that you don’t have time for the big-picture stuff it takes to help your firm succeed and grow.

Sound familiar? Yep, we know. And we’re here to help.

HOW is again teaming up with David to host the Mind Your Own Business Conference, October 12 to 14 in NYC. You’ll get the perspective you need to step away from your work for a few days and look at your firm from a new vantage point.

So why should you attend?

If you own a creative shop, and the crazy economy has left you breathless, this event is for you. If you think your agency is humming along smoothly, this event is for you (trust me: there’s always something to learn about running a business).  If you have your eye on growth, or if you’re happy with the size of your design firm, MYOB is for you, too.

David and I have put together what we think is the finest MYOB program ever. You’ll hear from bestselling author and Inc. magazine contributor Bo Burlingham on why small companies are mightier than big ones. Get a snippet of Burlingham’s book Small Giants.

Scott Belsky, who also has a much-lauded new book, will be there to teach you how to harness your team’s creativity and channel it in productive directions. (Scott has some unconventional views on creativity; see his book Making Ideas Happen.)

Once again, David will be conducting the Live Agency Review—you’ll get an inside-out perspective on the inner workings of a real design firm as David dissects a business, right onstage. I’ll be moderating a panel discussion where three successful design-firm principals spill the beans on how they got—and stayed—ahead of their competition. Plus, you’ll get sessions on leadership, finance, business development and more. See the full Mind Your Own Business Conference program.

We’ve compressed the agenda into a shorter window and moved the event to an easy-to-reach location, so it’s easier than ever for design-firm owners to take advantage of all that MYOB has to offer. Want to know more? Visit for the agenda, including all the networking opportunities that make MYOB such a dynamic event.