The Dieline Forum: Featured Session (Alex Center, The Coca-Cola Company)

The Dieline Forum is coming up on October 12 in Los Angeles. This one-day packaging conference focuses on the specific challenges and opportunities unique to packaging designers, and graphic designers who want to expand their skills into packaging. Alex Center, senior designer at The Coca-Cola Company, will be speaking about how to connect with consumers through storytelling.

the dieline forum packaging design conference

How products connect with consumers through the power of storytelling and the ability to market themselves through design.

by Alex Center -Sr. Designer, The Coca-Cola Company

What is the most impactful way to market your product? Tell a great story. It is through the power of creative storytelling that brands are able to educate, entertain and establish an emotional connection with consumers. However, we live in an oversaturated, overcrowded communications environment where it is harder than ever for brands to make that connection. Today the product is at the center of the conversation and it’s more important than ever before that they have the ability to tell those stories by design.

I will share how my experience working on the vitaminwater brand has taught me that package design, brand personality, product design, consumer collaboration, and the new tools of digital technology are some of the ways to succeed in the 21st-century marketplace.