The Golden Ratio

German photographer Carl Kleiner showcases paper in some of his images but a recent project called Golden Ratio & Friends uses paper to craft harmonious shapes that play with color and proportion in a really lovely way.

There was a lot of commercial work going on when I began working on this series (winter 2009), and I felt very stressed at that time. It started one night I could not sleep, more as meditation than anything else. It gave me a feeling of defragmenting a hard-drive.  It helped me clear my mind and just put focus on one thing at time. All the pieces are hand-cut paper collages. I started working on the triangle shape. When I compose a photograph it most often ends up with a symmetrical object in the centre, so I guess the triangle is the shape that my brain has easiest to relate to. I have never been any good at mathematics, but I have always found it very fascinating. This series is a homage to the golden ratio.