The Master List of #HOWlive Presentation Slides

Between the Dieline Packaging Conference, the In-HOWse Managers Conference, the Creative Freelancers Conference and the HOW Design Conference, HOW Design Live was chock full of great information this past week.

We’re collecting links to speakers’ slides, notes or extra resources they provided here. If a session title isn’t hyperlinked, it means the speaker hasn’t released their presentation slides into the wild, or we just haven’t found them yet. We’ll add links as we find them! (Clicking on a speaker’s name will take you to their Twitter feed, and clicking on the hashtag will show you all the chatter on Twitter about that session.)

FYI: Most of the HOWlive sessions are available to download as MP3s from AVENHOW Design Live 2013 will be in San Francisco, and in the meantime you should join us for the HOW Interactive Design Conferences this fall in San Francisco and Washington, DC!

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Thursday, June 21

In-HOWse Opening Keynote: Becoming a Chief Cultural Officer
Grant McCracken #IHMCculture

Options for Growth
Luke Mysse #CFCgrowth

Positioning Yourself As If You Were Outside Looking In
David C. Baker #CFCvet

Planning for the First Year of Freelance
Shane Pearlman #CFCnewbie

Hungry. Will work for Groceries.
Tim Cox #IHMCpublix

Workflow and Project Management Tools—A Primer
Jackie Schaffer #IHMCcella

Why a Bigger Business Isn’t Always Better
Adelaide Lancaster #CFCsize

Building Your Prospect List: Quality vs. Quantity
Allen Murabayashi #CFClist

Establishing and Leveraging Your Value
David C. Baker #IHMCvalue

Skillful Communication with Clients
Marcia Hoeck #CFCclients

Is Your Website Generating Business?
Mark O’Brien #CFCsite

Bridging the Great Divide
riCardo crespo #IHMCbridge

Friday, June 22

Make a World: Solving Design Challenges through Games
Sunni Brown #HOWgames

Anatomy of a Logo
Von Glitschka #HOWlogo

From Passion to Profit: A Revolutionary Marketing and Business Development Workshop
Peleg Top #HOWbiz

Effective Brainstorming for Designers
David Sherwin #HOWbrain

The Nuts and Bolts of Pricing and Negotiating
Sarah Durham #CFCprices

This Old InHOWse
Emily Cohen & Jen Miller #IHMCmkover

Top Ten Tools to Save You Time (Radically Streamline Your Business in the Cloud)
Patrick McNeil #CFC10tools

Making More Money (and Other Tax Problems)
Martin Kamenski #CFCmoney

In-House Interpersonal: Giving and Receiving Feedback on Creative Work
Mark McGuinness #IHMCfdbk

Change the Way You Think About Type
Dr. Shelley Gruendler #HOWtype

Brand Development
David Holston #HOWbranding

Making Strategy a Valuable Part of Your Process
Rochelle Seltzer #HOWstrat

Escape the Tri-Fold Funk
Trish Witkowski #HOWfold

How to Create and Execute Your Marketing Plan
Ed Gandia #CFCmktg

Pitch Perfect (and second PDF)
Dyana Valentine #CFCpitch

Your Post-CFC Action Plan
Ilise Benun #CFCaction

In-House Inspiration: How to Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity & Quality
Stefan Mumaw #IHMCideas

Opening Keynote: Coltrane, Concord, Cool Kids and Other Creative Choices
Sam Harrison #HOWsam

Saturday, June 23

iPad Publishing for Designers… and Everyone Else!
Presented by Dan Logan & Chris Nuernberger, Quark #HOWquark

Under the Covers with Chip Kidd
Chip Kidd #HOWcovers

A Tribute to Hillman Curtis
Debbie Millman #HOWcurtis

Color Management for Designers
John Scott Thorburn, Canon #HOWcolor

Top-Down Development: Soft Skills Equals Hard Results – Corporate Etiquette and Communication Skills
Andy Epstein #IHMCcomm

Yes is More: The Need for Optimism in an Age of Anxiety
Brian Collins #DPDCyes

At What Price Does Good Design Become Great?
Jackie Delise #DPDCgreat

A Weird and Wonderful Odditorium of the Curious, Risky and Creative World of Pearlfisher
Jonathan Ford #DPDCpf

Top-Down Development: Coaching High Level Creative Performance from Your Team
Mark McGuinness #IHMCcoach

Current Trends in Web Design
Patrick McNeil #HOWweb

Becoming a Design Leader
David Sherwin #HOWleader

Process as a Competitive Advantage
Alina Wheeler #HOWprocess

30 in 60
Jim Krause and Dyana Valentine #HOWhour

The Ins and OUTs of Working In-House
Johanna Björk #HOWin

The New Normal for Books and Design
Donna Boyer, Blurb #HOWbook

Private Brand Package Design: The In-House Perspective
Andy Kurtts & Alex Blake #DPDCbrand

Design Websites Without Writing Code with Adobe Muse
Rufus Deuchler, Adobe #HOWmuse

Web Typography NOW: The Future of Typography
Jason Cranford Teague #HOWwebtype

Balancing Your Freelance Workload
Willo O’Brien #HOWfreelance

Be the Best in Your Own Backyard
Jake & Pum Lefebure #HOWbest

What is ‘Good’ Design?
Christopher Simmons #HOWgood

Drawing Conclusions: How Drawing Improves Design
Von Glitschka #HOWdraw

Add Another Dimension to Your Design Work
Colin Sebestyen, Maxon #HOW3d

Design Death Match – It’s Your Design Versus Your Life
Steve Cullen #DPDClife

The Future of Do-It-Yourself: Just Add Water
Heather Reavey and Kristin Heist #DPDCwater

Getting Unstuck: Finding the FLOW in Workflow
Kelly Goto #HOWflow

The Alternative Design Career
Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio #HOWhome

Chasing the Monster Idea
Stefan Mumaw #HOWmonster

Typographic Lessons from the Young Guns
Allan Haley #HOWtype

Going it Alone
Glenn John Arnowitz #HOWalone

Selling Time the Best Way Possible
Philip Sunderland, Streamtime #HOWtime

Getting Over Your Douche-bag(gage): Lessons From Summer’s Eve and Other Brands That Have Shed Their Baggage
John Nunziato and Angela Bryant #DPDCbaggage

The Standard 5: Special Effects
Kit Hinrichs and Gerald Richards, Sappi #HOWsappi

The Art and Science of Designing An Abundant Life
Peleg Top #HOWmentor

Sunday, June 24

Discover Adobe Creative Cloud and See What’s New in Creative Suite 6
Rufus Deuchler, Adobe #HOWadobecc

Breaking Down Walls: Co-Creation with Consumers
DeeDee Gordon #DPDCcon

Overcoming Idea Killers to Create Killer Ideas
Tom Fishburne #HOWtoon

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits
Debbie Millman #HOWdebbie

Typographic Hat Trick – Three Designers, Three Perspectives
Dan Rhatigan, JimWasco and Steve Matteson, Monotype Imaging #HOW3type

Small Budget, Big Impact
Yael Miller #DPDCbudget

Brands: It’s Not You, It’s Us
Dan Formosa #DPDCsd

Designing with HTML5 and CSS3
Todd Zaki Warfel #HOWhtml5

Business Etiquette: The New Rules in a Digital Age
Donna Farrugia #HOWbizet

Managing Client Expectations
Terry Lee Stone #HOWclient

How to Make Killer Logos and Identities in the 21st Century
Armin Vit #HOW21logo

Creative Storytelling for Designers and Unicorns
Christopher Chapman #HOWstory

Tablet Design in 30 Minutes or Less
Matt Cokeley, Mag+  #HOWtablet

Proactive vs. Reactive
Brennan Higgins #DPDCprint

Learn to Create a Digital Publication for themiPad Without Writing Code!
Rufus Deuchler, Adobe  #HOWadobe

Cranking the Creative Trebuchet
Kody Chamberlain #HOWbig

How to Work with Multiple Brands In-House
Nicolle Mueller #HOWmulti

Red Flag City: Learning How to Say No to Bad Clients
Jason Adam and Tim Lapetino #HOWsayno

Will Work for Work
Mikey Burton #HOWwork

Making Stuff Happen (and part 2)
Chris Elkerton & Dave Gouveia #HOWstuff

Can Great Design Be Templated?
Chris Korbey, Emma #HOWemma

Katie Jain + Joel Templin #HOWhatch

What Women Want to See, Feel and Understand about Brand Packaging
Terri Goldstein #DPDCwomen

We Believe in Magic
Claudia Bernett #HOWmagic

Branding Made Personal
Kim Higdon #HOWpers

Tall Tales from a Large Man
Aaron James Draplin #HOWtale

The Visual Brief
Joseph Duffy #HOWbrief

How to Survive Your Soul Crushing Day Job
Melissa Morris Ivone #HOWdayjob

Decorative Effects For Your Brand
Richard Ainge, Color-Logic #HOWeffect

Design in the Age of Wikibrands
Annie Gaudreault #DPDCwiki

Monday, June 25

Matters of Wonder
Justin Ahrens #HOWwonder

How Print Design is the Future of Interaction
Mike Kruzeniski #HOWid

Future Trends: The Unity of Color
Presented by Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone, in partnership with HP Graphic Arts  #HOWhp

Closing Keynote: Release Your Brilliance
Simon T. Bailey #HOWbrill

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  1. Chad

    You’ve got Mark McGuinness’s “Top-Down Development: Coaching High Level…” posted on Andy Epstein’s “Top-Down Development: Soft Skills” a few lines above it.

    Thanks for collecting these in one place!

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