The New ROI

Interesting study about print design from Appleton Coated:

How does effective print impact consumer purchases? To answer this question, Appleton Coated commissioned a proprietary research study of more than 1,000 high-end, high-minded consumers. The company shares its findings in a new publication, appropriately-titled, “ROI.” Beyond a positive Return On Investment, “ROI” reveals five new I’s in ROI: Inspiration, Impact, Interaction, Involvement and Integration.

Appleton Coated’s “ROI” research was conducted by Yankelovich, a part of The Futures Company. Among those surveyed:

* 88% of all ages report that they enjoy receiving catalogs and brochures from the company and brands with which they do business.

* 83% say, “What I like about print is that I can keep it for future reference.”

* 79% feel, “It’s important that the catalogs I receive be printed in an environmentally responsible way.”

* 75% of consumers visited a website to purchase a product or service after reading about it in a catalog.

Some of the most surprising revelations in the findings were the responses from “the Internet Generation” – those 18- to 34-year-olds, often perceived as having abandoned print for online. 71% share that “I like to read or look through high-end catalogs.”

When asked, “What makes good print materials stand out from the rest?” the top, unaided responses included:

1. They are attractive. They look beautiful.

2. They have beautiful photography.

3. They use high-quality paper.

4. They have vivid colors.

5. Their messages are simple and to the point.

To request a copy of “ROI,” please call 800-663-1813 or contact a local sales representative.

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