The Perfect Notebook For Designers?

I just came across the Arwey brand of notebooks and I think their Lewitt model might be the perfect notebook for designers. It features a ruled pad for take notes, a blank notebook for sketching, a folder to stash bits of inspiration and a pen holder so you always have writing/drawing instrument close at hand. It also comes in a rainbow of colors!

Arwey Notebooks: Lewitt from ARWEY on Vimeo.

via Design Crush

0 thoughts on “The Perfect Notebook For Designers?

  1. Tanner Christensen

    Like Merlin Mann (and a dozen other people say): the notebook doesn’t make the writer (or, in this case, the designer).

    Grab a stack of paper and staple it together if you have to. The brand or layout of the notebook you uses hardly matters. What matters is actually sitting down to use it regularly.

  2. Frank

    I’ve checked all the product videos for each notebook and ordered 5 different models last month.
    I was amazed by functions and how notebooks are easly foldable on each video. It has been a month now, i love my notebooks a lot! And What i can say after all, they are perfectly designed, stylish and minimal notebooks! No regret!

  3. Brent

    I agree with Tanner that the paper/notebook doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re sketching. But I do like to have nice, cool-looking things and my pick one up. Would be snazzy for a meeting, too. 🙂

    But one thing I take issue with is the tagline. “Functional Notebooks”? Is a regular spiral-bound notebook non-functional?