The Wilkinson Brothers Visit Red Nose Studio

Wilkinson Brothers is a small Indiana design firm with a big love for motorcycles. They recently visited illustrator Chris Sickels (aka Red Nose Studio) to see his vintage Harley and check out his awesome studio.

Chris Sickels is an illustrator from Greenfield, Indiana. He rides a 1965 Harley-Davidson Pacer, a 175cc two-stroke with unabashed nicks and dings. We visited Red Nose Studio where his world of sculpted puppets and miniature environments line the walls and crowd his desks.Chris creates three-dimensional scenes built strictly for photographic illustrations that will later be utilized in magazines, books, and other marketing collateral. Two particular pieces commanded our attention. One is a dapper, gangling fellow on a fictitiously elongated BMW and the other is a café racing character on a gritty Norton. The latter features a headlight made from a Dremeled-down eyeglass lens, some faux-rust for convincing patina, and a tiny-but-accurate pudding bowl helmet atop an oddly proportioned rider, all contributing to the awkward authenticity of Chris’ work.