Odin’s Beard! Threadless’ Thor T-shirt Designs

Maybe you’re a purist — you’ve read all the comics and you can map out everything that has happened in every iteration of the Marvel universe that has ever existed. Or you just get into super hero movies. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, these 6 T-shirt designs from Threadless’ Thor Design Challenge might have you saying, “Another.” But please, don’t smash any coffee cups.

With the new Thor: The Dark World due out on November 8, fans of the son of Odin and God of Thunder need some additional gear to sport to the theater.


In Loki’s Mind


The Strongman




















Threadless teamed up with Marvel for this latest competition, asking designers to create a T-shirt design with a Marvel universe character, inspired by Thor. Run in the same fashion as Threadless’ other collections, 419 artists submitted their designs, and 135,000 votes were cast for the designs. The top 6 were made into T-shirts, and they’re currently available for purchase.


Thor: A God Among Worlds


Asgardian Weapons 101


God of Thunder


The Mightiest


Threadless CEO, Jake Nickell says:

Our ongoing partnership with Marvel has brought inspiration to hundreds of Marvel fans, and produced some incredible designs. We are excited to debut this new Thor collection, and to showcase unique designs created by incredibly talented artists.

The next design challenge for Threadless’ Marvel Superheroes collection will be for Captain America. That’s enough to have you sketch out some ideas while you shout: Avengers, Assemble!


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